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What we do!

Ether Social Network

Coin for FORUM and BLOG based on Etherium, compliant with the standard ERC-20 token using smart contract that provides token management tools and APIs to deliver multiple services to allow users to apply the coin to their forum and blog and activate it.

Mining Conference

One of the leading mining conferences in Korea.
Everything related to mining such as mining peripherals, software, operation, management, rental, and exchanges is here

Blockchain API

Expending marketing partnership by developing and providing easily available blockchain API. It can lead to commercialization of blockchain and cryptocurrency in real life

Blockchain Platform

Geminis develops and provides various platforms of blockchain
industry such as cryptocurrency wallet, incentivized community,
ICO solution, exchange platform optimized for overseas
localization, etc.



Launching and airdrop ESN in DDENGLE

Create businesses through main-net cryptocurrency

Since the launch of the coin, it has been distributed through the community to acquire sufficient user-base.
After that, utilizing ESN payment system and token marketing and partnership will be of the prime importance.


Listing ESN on Global Exchange The First Mining Conference

List ESN on world top 10 exchange

Prepare the foundation for the entry ESN into global market by listing on international exchange


Development in Blockchain API Launching MPDex

Develop practical blockchain API

Create optimized ways to use cryptocurrencies in real world through various practical blockchain API


Community based on Cryptocurrency Launching Extended ESN Solution

Developing a community that maximizes the use of ESN

One-stop community of content creation, distribution and consumption through cryptocurrency!
Optimized solution for Korean-wave’s overseas expansion.
Consistent management and update will be provided through the ESN foundation.